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So now that i am in a way better mood lets check out my upcoming week!!
Monday(today)- after classes go home to taylorsville
Tuesday- wake up and drive 6 hours to georgia
Tuesday night- drive to south carolina
Wednesday morning- go to my best friends CJ's marine graduation
Wednesday evening- drive even longer back home to taylorsville
Thursday-Sunday- spend great times with friends and family and enjoy all that God has blessed me with!!!
Sunday afternoon- come back to good ole' greensboro

wow, that is a lot of stuff to do!!! LETS GET STARTED!!!!

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ok, so this chick has totally pissed me off!!
First off, yesterday after the bball game she just got really pissy and moody and she stayed that way the ride to the restaurant we went to with my Campus Outreach group, which by the way she decided she wanted to be apart of!!
but once we got there she was all goody goody and happy and crap!!
Then, today she was going to join me and my campus outreach for a thanksgiving meal, but after church i had to run by kohls! She calls and is like, so are you back yet, and i am like no i am at kohls right now, but are you still coming with me, and she said well i guess not since you are at kohls, and so i was like and have to come back to my room you can still come.
So i went to her room, my friend and i did, and she wouldnt answer the door, then we called her and she came and opened the door and my friend was like oh you look cute and she just looked at her and didnt reply!! i mean seriously say thank you!!
Anyways, she just acted real rude toward us and pissy and all that and we asked what was wrong but she didnt answer, so i was like whatever!!
Well we get to the thanksgiving dinner and she wont talk to me, but she talks to my friend Jeremiah!
So here is how the convo went--
Me: dude what is your problem, you wont talk
Her: i am watching the game
Me: no there is something else cuz you will talk to jeremiah
Her: I am real shy around people i dont know
Me: well you know me and you just met jeremiah (then i just turned around)

pretty much she pissed me off and ruined my day but whatev!!!

it is just that there are so many things that she does that irks me and pisses me off so much, but i just have to take the high road and forget about the flaws and be a good friend!!!!



Current Mood: pissed off pissed off

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it makes me wanna go: la la la la la la la la la all day long!!!

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OK so have you ever had that day where you just feel like getting all dressed up and pretty for no reason?? Well that day is today for me!!! This morning I was reading a magazine and started to get jealous of all the pretty people and decided that I wanted to be pretty today!! So i curled my hair and put on a nice shirt!!! Now i feel a little weird because i never dress up, but at the same time i feel pretty!!! YAY ME!!!!
i just wanted you to know how i felt today!!!


Current Mood: pleased pleased

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Well, here is the deal!! Right now in my life I am praying and be very patient on God to send me that right person! I know that when the time is right, if i am meant to get married, that God will open my eyes!!
The only thing is, is that i am around a ton of great christian guys and they are pretty and all that!! So i am just not liking it!!

I just had to get that out of my system, cuz sometimes being patient isnt fun, but I know it is the right thing to do!!!! :)

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ok so our Soccer team pretty much rocked today!!!They totally beat Virginia Tech in the first round of the NCAA tourney and made my day!!! I am having a pretty laid back day and kinda boring but whatev!!!

So yea i just wanted to talk and let out some words!!!!
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ok so it has been a pretty long time!!!!! so here is the deal, i am on a step team here at UNCG, Generation X, and yes i am the only white person!!!
Well tonight we had our first step show and it was great!!! This whole week i have had like 3 hour a night , every night, practices and even though i was nervous we did an awesome job!!! The crowd loved it and we had fun and that is what matters!!!!
I absolutely love step and i am really glad i am on the team!!!

Oh yea and i also started my job today!!!! I now work at the Campus Rec Center and i like it a lot too!! It was really fun!!!

So right now my life is going pretty well and i am actually losing a tid bit of weight!!! YAY!!!!!! oh and i like someone, but i am just going to be patient and pray about it and wait for God!!!!!!

ok bye

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Ok so I have seen this movie a million times!!! Each and every time I just die, because I love this movie SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!
The thing I love the most about this movie is Mr. Darcy!! Here is the deal, he is the greatest, most gorgeous man EVER!!! If I could find a man like that I would marry him in a heartbeat!! There is just something about him his intelligence, smile, face, way of talking, charming aspect,etc etc!! I could go on and on and on about how great this man is, you dont even understand!!!! So pretty much I want to find and marry a guy like him, who finds me beautiful when I am wearing sweatpants and just so many more things!!!

Ok that is all......

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Last night was Halloween YAY!!!! For Halloween I went to my Campus Outreach's party!!! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!
We danced and laughed and pretty much just enjoyed the whole night!!!! I personally love Campus Outreach and the people are just awesome!!!
Now of course I dressed up and in case you didnt know I am all about doing stupid hilarious stuff, so of course I had a stupid hilarious costume!!!
I WAS THE FLOOR OF A MOVIE THEATER!!!!! hahaha I had candy wrappers, popcorn, napkins, and cups taped all over me!! I also had glowstix down my sides to represent the isle lights!!!!
Pretty much it was amazing and I loved last night!!!! yea yea

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Ok so normally in the mornings on mondays, i wake up all tired and out of it, i get dressed quickly and half aware, I grab my bookbag and head to the rec. center half asleep for conditioning class!!! When i get to the rec. center i am still a little out of it i go into the gym where the class is I lay down on the floor and normally sleep for about 10minutes!!!!
Well, today it was totally different!!!! I was fully awake, i didnt sleep on the gym floor, i was hyper and aware of everything!!!! I loved it!! I dont know what it is about today, but I aint sleepy and I am in a wonderful fatastic mood!!! YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!

ok just thought you would like to know that i am doing good..............i am done now

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